News 06:09 September 2018:

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So you gotta twitter page? Do you ever wonder just exactly how many people, and who exactly is viewing your profile? This question among many others, I’m sure has entered your mind. With a select few social networking sites that allow to view your daily visitors.. One would wonder if Twitter is also allowing that feature.

Undoubtably, Twitter is one of the leading social networking sites… right along with Facebook. Throughout the world these popular websites bring people together… With Twitter… the users communitcate through ‘tweets,’ which is the sole means of communication.. Its is comparable with the status feature, or comment feature of facebook. Twitter incourages you to get twitter follwers, or buy twitter follwers to maximize your social experience. Twitter puts the convenience of posting and chatting all in one.. so there is no need for a chat box.

With Twitter, the only downside of use of tweets is that, what you tweet is instantly available and viewed by your followers. When recognizing and zoning in on this problem, Twitter has provided a one on one private chat feature through via direct messaging. In direct messaging, only the person to whom you want to recieve the message will be the only one able to open that message or ‘tweet’.

As many of you may know or recall, or even experienced, there are a few popular social networking sites like Friendster and Multiply, that have the profile view feature. As with this feature a person can tell, who and when and exactly how many times that individual viewed your status or profile. This feature, although fun for the account holder, may not be for the person that is doing the actual viewing, and it certainly taps on the many aspects of privacy.

The profile view feature really is an unimportant and useless feature. You can determine, and assume those that are viewing your profile, are more than likely going to be following you. So therefore adding this feature would be costly and time consuming to the twitter programmers. The only real importance, is how it will determine your how you want to set your twitter profile. Public or private. With public all can view your tweets, whereas privately, only your ‘follwowers’ will be able to see your tweets.

So, can you tell how many times someone has viewed your Twitter page? Um, no. And at this point in time who cares? Twitter is an amazing and fun social site and you can get as much enjoyment out of it regardless of knowing how many viewers you have.